26.06.2018 LTZ - uruchomiliƛmy pool. Adres poola to : ltz.abakusmine.eu:3102
Coin name/algomTo mine: Pool address:portMiner downloadPool status
snowgemEFWB: miner --server xsg.abakusmine.eu --user --pass x --port 3092 --algo 144_5 --pers sngemPoWEFWB CUDA 0.3ON-LINE
AMD miner 144_5
Miners:4 Network Hashrate:95.48 KSol/s Last actualisation:20-07-2018 21:56:22
Workers:32 Difficulty:763.662Luck days 0.017 day(s)
Pool sol/s:3.7 KSol/s Last block:298269 Luck minutes25 min
Node version /MagicBean:2.0.4-6/ CommisionPool Fee : 1 % (min payout 5 XSG)Connection:30
snowgem - BTCsnowgem - USDsnowgem - EURsnowgem - PLNsnowgem - RUBActualisation data
0.00002829 BTC0.2081 USD0.1775 EUR0.7663 PLN13 RUB2018-07-20 21:55:08
Pool stats
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